Rally is a platform that allows communities to distribute rewards and status based on what members do in real life.

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Motorcycle Riders on a group ride


We're excited about DAOs, Community Tokens, and NFTs as enablers of a new generation of communities that thrive on ownership and transparency. We also hold firmly the belief that communities are built online and offline.

Our focus is on building deep ties through in-person experiences and rewarding members for physical accomplishments. Social media is engineered to keep people scrolling so their incentives are misaligned with with the health and happiness that comes from being outside and part of an in-person community.

Success for Rally is measured by how many people we can get connected, inspired, and out exploring the real world.

We're starting with the motorcycle community but will scale quickly to adjacent categories as well as making our service available to other communities that have an IRL aspect.

If you're interested in joining us for the ride, reach out to schedule a time to chat.

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