Start a Community

It’s easy to set up your community on Rally and should take less than ten minutes. Here’s how you get it up and running.

Join and tap Start
Starting your club on Rally is as easy as creating an account and hitting the Create Club button. You’ll be in draft mode by default so no pressure.
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Customize it
Make it your own with club graphics, photos, and let people know why you created your club in the description. Rally pulls all these elements together into your own club landing page which lives at
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Choose settings
Decide whether you want to be a public or private and promoted on our Discover page or more stealth. When you’re ready to start letting people in, this is where you’ll choose Live.
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Set up channels
All communities have #start-here, #intros, #media, and #events channels by default which are Rally-specific channels with custom features. From there, you can set up your own public an private channels for your community leads and your members.
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Invite some friends
It’s time to get the word out! Send your club landing page to friends directly, promote it on social, send an email, add it to your link-in-bio, and if you chose Promoted on the Settings page, we’ll promote it too.
Start a community image
Ready. Set.
If you get stuck, contact us and we’ll get you set up.
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