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Set Up Channels for Better Conversations
Channels are conversations around different topics. We give you a few to get started and you can set up your own custom Channels which can be public or private. You choose who’s in what Channel and who can post. Imagine Slack or Discord but cleaner and easier to use.
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Manage Members and Gather Details Like T-Shirt Size
On Rally, your members are your members and you can get a download of your member roster at any time so you can add them to an email list, get their t-shirt size and address, use it as a check-in list at an event, or whatever you need to do.
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Stop Bugging People to Venmo You
You have the option to set up Member Dues on Rally. You choose how much to charge members each month and the money goes directly into your Stripe account which acts as a treasury for the Club. These funds can be used for an annual event, to create apparel for members, to raise funds for a cause, and anything else you can dream up.
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Post and Promote Events
Post rides, drives, and events just for your community or for everyone in your area. All your events are in one place so people know where to find them and event posts have all the details everyone needs including a navigation link. Attendees receive notifications so they never miss an event.
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Simplify So You Have More Time
Stop fighting algorithms and trying to stay on top of Instagram, Facebook Groups, Subreddits, groups texts, and your own websites. When you have a community on Rally, that’s your home base. You may choose to use social media channels to promote your community but you’re no longer dependent on them.


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