Why We’re Here

We are creating Rally because it is hard to find your people, and because human connection is essential for a happy and fulfilling life.

5 Things We Believe

Community builders are the key

Community builders are the ones that create the community so they give it a name, a reason for being, and a vibe. They are consistently stoking the fire, bringing people together through events and shared experiences, and pulling off that one big peak moment each year for people to look forward to. We’re here for community builders and giving them the tools and support they need.

Technology in service to getting people connected in real life

We believe in fostering deep ties and human connection which is best done through real life shared experiences. Every aspect of Rally is built around this belief and is how we measure whether we’re successful as a company.

Social media and community platforms are not the same

Media is literally in the name and that’s exactly what it is — social media is about consumption and is engineered to keep you scrolling. It’s often a good place to promote your community but not a great home base.

Safety is non-negotiable

You’ll meet real people with real names who live in the same city and share your interests. We sweat the details around safety, inclusion, and privacy so Rally is a positive and supportive space.

It should be fun

We have the honor of hosting communities for the most passionate and interesting subcultures around. We’re inspired by the joy and connection you bring into the world. Let’s go!