You pay a flat monthly fee
Free for members to join your community
What you get:
  • Dedicated community space
  • Private or public settings
  • Message all members
  • Email notifications
  • Download member data
Number of members
Price per month
Up to 15
Up to 50
Up to 150
Up to 1,500
Up to 5,000
Up to 10,000
Keep in mind the member count will be more like the number of regular members in your club or community, not your # of followers.

Premium club

coming soon
Add a premium membership tier
Give your most loyal members a little extra and raise funds for community or a cause you believe in.
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Lead with community
  • Community design consulting to meet your business needs
  • Ongoing community management and support
  • Enterprise community platform implementation
WHY does Rally charge a fee when social media is free?
Rally is not social media — it’s a dedicated online space for your community to stay connected and a place to post your physical events. And if you’re not paying for an online service, you are the product. Rally does not sell ads, there are no algorithms controlling who sees your content, and we’ll never sell your data.
Is there a free trial available?
Rally is free up to 15 members so you can use rally for free for as long as you would like if you stay under 15 members.
How do i control the number of members?
The easiest way is to make your community private when setting it up. then you approve every new member who joins.
Who owns the community?
Wou do — the person who starts the community is the owner. you can invite community leads to help you run it and, if you ever want to, you can transfer ownership to someone else.
If you have any questions, please contact us.
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