Alternatives to Facebook Groups

The pivotal question to consider is the essence of your community

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The time when Facebook reigned supreme as the sole major player in the social media landscape was indeed simpler. However, our journey since then has unveiled the complex realities of social media, highlighting the challenges of entrusting the digital spaces where our communities thrive to colossal corporations whose interests often diverge sharply from those of community builders.

The unbundling of social media has coincided with a flourishing of niche cultures, underscoring a collective yearning for more authentic, interest-based communities and the value we place on in-person connections and shared experiences.

Selecting the ideal digital platform for your community is a crucial decision, fraught with numerous options that can seem overwhelming. Our aim is to simplify this process for you, ensuring that your community finds its perfect home without the need for future migrations.

The pivotal question to consider is the essence of your community. The fundamental offerings of these platforms are designed to cater specifically to the needs of their respective communities.

Professional and Business Communities


For professional teams, especially those operating remotely, Slack stands out as an indispensable tool. It offers robust reliability, scalability to grow with your business, and a plethora of app integrations to enhance functionality.


Circle is an excellent option for communities centered around customer engagement. Ideal for creating a membership platform, it offers a customizable, white-labeled space tailored to your members' needs.

Creators and Organizations

Mighty Networks

A veteran in the space, Mighty Networks provides comprehensive product support and resources to empower creators. While also serving organizations, their focus has increasingly pivoted towards creators and educational content.


As a relatively new contender, Skool has quickly garnered attention and support for its vibrant, entrepreneurial approach. It positions itself as a platform that not only hosts communities but also facilitates business creation, making it a compelling choice for pioneers.

Gaming and Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts


Discord is the go-to platform for gaming and cryptocurrency communities. It offers a tech-savvy environment with robust support for real-time video and extensive integrations, catering to a large and active user base.

Recreation and Activity-Based Communities


Rally shines as a platform for communities focused on activities and real-life gatherings. As a hybrid community and events platform, it emphasizes bringing people together and integrates into a broader network of like-minded groups.

This guide aims to direct you towards the most suitable platform for your community's unique needs. Wishing you the best in your endeavor to create a thriving digital community.

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