Introducing Rally 3.0

For the first time, Rally welcomes all postmodern activities

motorcycle riding

The people have spoken and they’re tired of social media. They’re tired of the ads, tired of algorithms, tired of the cluttered environments filled with widgets to charm them, and tired of trading their attention for a few hits of dopamine. The most popular social media platforms are in decline with a steady stream of people leaving every day. Rally provides an alternative to platforms like Facebook Groups for communities that exist online and in real life.

Everything we put out into the world is to get people inspired and connected in real life. Shared experiences are the key to fostering deep ties and cultivating authentic relationships. Shared experiences around the things we love with people we enjoy being around create the memories that define a happy life.

For the first time, Rally welcomes all postmodern activities. Welcome all runners, surfers, snowboarders, motorcyclists, auto enthusiasts, overlanders, pickleballers and any other activity you love, so long as it connects people in real life around a positive experience. We embrace every flavor of enthusiasm.

The things you do are part of you, not just recreation.

We believe community leaders are the key to successful and vibrant communities. They are the organizers who bring people together around an activity they love and great things happen when people get together:

  • They make new friends: It can be hard to make friends as an adult; joining a community makes it easier
  • They get outside: In a world of convenience that has moved online, it's a good excuse to get outside
  • They move: If you want to be fit and lead a healthy lifestyle, get out and do something that doesn’t feel like exercise
  • Last but not least, they have fun: We’re social creatures and we’re meant to be out chopping it up with likeminded people

What you get with the Rally platform:

  • Dedicated community space with custom and private channels for conversations
  • Robust event pages with everything you need, including an RSVP list
  • Host all the media associated with your community and events
  • Manage your members, including details like t-shirt size and birthdays

Getting started is simple and free. Just click here, create an account, and give your community a name.

To learn more, visit

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